• DS Doll Leo Male Sex Doll with S Level Make Up

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    Here is Leo, one of the new Male Dolls from DS Dolls.  He has an open mouth with teeth and a tongue. 

    Leo now is available with S Level Make Up!

    He has a muscular body with long legs and a rounded butt. He does have anal function, and will fit all of the DS full sized doll heads. 

    B-W-H: 79cm-66cm-86cm

    Weight: 40kg

    Height: 170cm

    His head circumference is 53cm, length is 22cm, head weight is 1.7kg and eyes are 24mm. Measurements are a guide and may depart slightly from the actual size.

    Movement : Stiff or Loose

    Eyes: Brown, Blue, Green or Purple

    Skin Colour: White, Light Pink, Yellow, Cream, Tan or Brown

    Fingers: Bones or No Bones

    Pubic Hair: No Hair, Short Black, Short Brown, Long Black or Long Brown.

    You can choose to purchase an additional Penis or vaginal inserts. Vaginal Inserts will also fit this style of doll.

    There are two type of Penis - A flaccid penis (as shown in picture 9) and a larger style penis (picture 10) which can be bent and manipulated from flaccid to erect.

    To find out more about the dolls we sell please click here.

    For advise on use and maintenance of your doll please click here.

    All of our dolls are made to order so if you would like any special bespoke changes made please contact us and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

    Please note that due to our dolls being made to order that you should expect a delivery time of around 5-6 weeks from order to delivery. We do expect this to be shorter but give this 5-6 week timescale to take busy times into account. If you have a payment plan in place your doll will be ordered once you have made your final payment or you pay your balance off in full earlier so the order timescale will start from then. For information about our Payment Plan Option please click here.

    We want your doll to be perfect for you so therefore good time is taken in the manufacturing process to make him absolutely 100% amazing.

    You can Now Pay via Payment Plan, which includes one of each type of Phallus.

    Doll 4 Weekly Instalment Plan 3 Payments
    Number of payments 3
    Start payments after 4 weeks
    Due* Amount
    First Payment £1,670.00 GBP
    Every 4 weeks (x 2) £1,100.00 GBP
    Total £3,870.00 GBP
    Doll 4 Weekly Instalment Plan 4 payments
    Number of payments 4
    Start payments At checkout
    Due* Amount
    At checkout £1,320.00 GBP
    Every 1 week (x 3) £850.00 GBP
    Total £3,870.00 GBP
    * We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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