New Ex-Lite Doll

The "EX-Lite" as she is now to be known is here!

We will be selling within the UK, EU and Worldwide.

You can buy yours now here!

You can order your EX-Lite today and she will arrive directly to your door the next day.

DS Dolls have built a new factory in order to facilitate the new EX-Lite doll.  She has been pre-released in China under the Ex-Doll brand and the doll is now being known as the Ex-Lite for the Western Market too. A new plastic skeleton has been manufactured, which is much stronger than ever before.

As it stands EX-Lite will only be available in 'Kayla' style and with the one type of body which is around 163cm tall. She will weigh 8kg. The removable limbs mean someone with very little storage space can have a full size doll.

The material used is Polyurethane Foam. There is no 'Skin layer'. The Polyurethane Foam is the skin. The skeleton is made from POM and is very strong and durable.

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Physical Activity Scope:


Lite love doll waist can bend to the left and right, forward and backward, the angles for this are limited to 30 degrees. When the body rotates (waist twisting), the angles are limited to 45 degrees.

Physical Activity Scope:


Lite love doll waist can bend to the left and right, forward and backward, the angles for this are limited to 30 degrees. When the body rotates (waist twisting), the angles are limited to 45 degrees.

Hips and thighs:

The thighs of the doll can be separated to both sides to the maximum of 130 degrees. They can be bent forward, the angles for this are limited to 60 degrees.

Upper arms:

The upper arms can be raised forward about 60 degrees. They can be bent slightly backward for 5-10 degrees, they can be raised to both sides horizontally about 80 degrees in the directions of both sides.

Lower arms,wrists:

The doll's lower arms can rotate in one direction for 60 degrees. The doll's wrists can bend up and down 45 degrees up and down separately. The lower arms can rotate with a 60 degree limit.

Using And Maintenance:

Sex function:

Our sex doll with removable insert. 

The doll is not real woman, for sex function, it's necessary to give her the correct posture. Customers have to take time for "breaking in" to find the most comfortable positions.

Sexual play with the doll will need a lot lubricating fluid.

EX-Lite doll can install all regular silicone insert. standard insert is 15cm deep inside.

Install the insert:

The insert is made from silicone. When install the doll insert, The foam skin maybe more hard to push the silicone tube into cavity inside.

We recommend using plastic wrap or plastic bag to wrap this insert parts. this will much easy to push the insert into the doll body. 'Cling Film' may assist with this.


Keep the doll dry. Water wash is prohibited. Use slightly damp towel to gently remove surface dirt and dust if needed. Don’t put clothes that are easy to fade on the doll to prevent it from dyeing or colour transfer.

Environment And Safety:


Don’t put the doll under the blazing sun, store it in dry and cool place and keep it away from chemicals and open flame.

Special considerations:

Photographs may differ from the product on account of shooting angle, lighting, colour and display differences. Photographic representations cannot be held to definitive with respect to the product. 

In the course of movement or activities, the doll's skin surface may appear textured and this is an unavoidable and normal phenomenon. 

EX-Lite series of dolls are not supplied with finger bones or phalanx within the fingers. This allows bending in a natural state and enables maintenance of an elegant form. By simplifying available finger operation, damage by improper use of fingers might be avoided. 

Please take a special note of the instructions with regard to range of movement. Foam material is good under compression but can tear if put under excessive tension. Movement outside the recommended range of motion is specifically to be avoided for this reason.

Due to the material reasons, the Lite doll is inexpensive and similar to an inflatable doll product, the EX-lite doll has no warranty and would not be eligible for return or repair.

How to assemble:

There are some yellow nylon stick, insert the yellow nylon stick into the connectors on the body. 

the long stick into doll arm, the short stick into doll leg

When install the leg, first, bent the knees, then, make the leg sideways at the body, force into the connector.

Same way to pull out connector when remove the limb from body.

When remove the legs from the body, most easy way is push the leg forward to the chest.

You can view or download the material safety testing certification here.

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