Sex Doll Bespoke Elements are pleased to now be selling DS Dolls in the UK and Europe, brought to you by Doll Sweet.


We are the official approved DS Doll reseller for the UK.


Doll heads which fit 158-167 bodies










silicone sex doll head, name Kayla, open mouth, no oral sex function

sex doll

Doll Sweet

brand new

2 weeks making process

silicone sex doll head, name Kayla, open mouth, no oral sex function

sex doll

Doll Sweet

brand new

2 weeks making process

Male Doll Heads


The realistic style body includes the 158cm, 158plus and 167cm bodies, a full voluptuous style.

These bodies are modelled by a real actress and we keep most of the body details

The 158cm body has medium sized breasts (about C cup). The 158plus body is with big breasts (about E cup) and a more curved figure. The 167cm body is most exquisite and realistic.


B-W-H: 76cm-64cm-81cm, Weight: 29kg, height: 158cm


B-W-H: 87cm-64cm-81cm, Weight: 30kg, height: 158cm


B-W-H: 85cm-59cm-95cm, Weight: 37kg, height: 167cm

The Beauty Style body include the 160cm and 160plus (161cm) bodies.

These bodies are designed to have the perfect body curve and a slender body style.

The 160cm body has medium sized breasts (about D cup) and the 160plus (161cm) body has big breasts (about an E cup).


B-W-H: 74cm-57cm-83cm, Weight: 25kg, height: 160cm


B-W-H: 82cm-57cm-83cm, Weight: 26kg, height: 160cm

The Supermodel Style body include the 163cm and 163plus bodies.

These bodies are fantastic, they have long legs, a trim waist and a very slim body style.

The 163cm body has medium sized breasts (about C cup) and the 163plus body has big breasts (about D cup).


B-W-H: 74cm-54cm-80cm, Weight: 26kg, height: 163cm


B-W-H: 79cm-54cm-80cm, Weight: 26kg, height: 163cm

Skin Colour

We offer 4 skin colours. White, Light Pink, Yellow and Tan. This is for all bodies, from 145cm to 167cm.

Eye Colour

Eyes are Acrylic Simulation Eyes. The Colours available are Brown, Green, Blue and Purple for all doll heads apart from Cartoon.


Finger Bones

You can opt to have fingers made with or without bones. If you choose no bones the fingers will not stay posed.

  • Posed Fingers        
  • Not Posable Fingers


You can choose to have painted on nails or real looking nails applied to your doll.

Painted Nails        

Applied Nails

Pubic Hair

We have many pubic hair options for all tastes.

No Hair    

Brown Short    

Black Short    

Brown Long    

 Black Long



We have many wig combinations available in different colours and lengths. 
Most popular are Black long & short or Brown long & short.


170cm Male Dolls

We are now selling the 170cm Male Dolls Herman and Leo.

170 Male

B-W-H: 79cm-66cm-86cm, Weight: 40kg, height: 170cm


UK Official Approved DS Doll Reseller.

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VAT Registration number: - GB289357250